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Volume 6, Number 3, June 2016, pages 90-94

Thyroid Cancer Brain Metastases and Thyroglobulin


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Thyroglobulin levels in patients with brain metastases from thyroid cancer (TC) (group 1), TC with systemic/local disease (group 2), and TC with no evidence of disease.


Table 1. Characteristics of Seven Patients With Thyroid Cancer and Brain Metastases
CaseGenderAge (years)HistologyTime for BM from diagnosis (months)Tg (ng/mL)Other sites affectedNumber and size (mm) of BMTreatmentSurvival (months)
WD: well differentiated; PD: poorly differentiated; S: single; M: multiple; WBRT: whole brain radiotherapy; Qx: surgical resection; Tg: thyroglobulin.
1F65PD follicular58,555Local, lungS 41WBRT7
2M62WD papillary1116Local, lungM 38WBRT1
3M50WD papillary2013,687Local, bone, lungM 57WBRT6
4M54WD papillary2924,551Local, bone, lungM 38WBRT1
5M55WD papillary15300Local, lungS 55Qx + WBRT58
6F56WD papillary318,555Local, lungS 41Qx + WBRT34
7M72PD papillary9849Local, bone, lungM 10WBRT13